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Seworx technology blog: The blog that is all about technology and security

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Seworx technology blog

Welcome from the desk of the SeWorx founder and also senior systems engineer.

SeWorx was founded by myself, Machiel Richards, in 2016 following the need from some previous employers to still manage some of their services after many years. Starting in the IT industry in 2004 as a des

ktop technician, at this point had built up my skills to be a proficient Linux and MySQL database administrator which seemed to be scarce.

I soon realized that not only was skills scarse in our country, but the guys that had them wanted crazy salaries and a lot of time companies only needed the skills for a quick project. This led me to the decision to start a consulting service, however, I wanted to make a difference and help my clients rather than get rich. For this reason Seworx was founded on the principle that we will always provide a cost effective service to our customers while providing the best possible service with integrity and with a smile.

What will this blog be about?

This blog will be used by SeWorx to share some of our knowledge gained over the years, discuss some important topics and to also tell potential future partners about what we do as a business.

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